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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Dumb Blonde So, here is the story about my hair... I was born with jet black hair (or so says my mother). I almost died when I was born and during the whole sticking things in me period, the doctors shaved my head, so that they could stick things in my head. I didn't have hair until I was about two, and when it finally grew in it was blonde (I would show you a picture, but Blogger sucks right now). I went on being blonde, however something was not right. My body was confused. My dad is Sicilian with a black curly afro and my mom is Irish with light blonde stick straight hair. So, I had blonde hair with dark roots, dark eyebrows, baby fine blonde hair on my arms, and straight (no, I am not making this up) black pubic hair. I am a genetic mess. When I was about twenty -one and was working a ton of hours (especially during the summer) my hair started to get darker. I was not too thrilled about this because all of my life I had been "Torrie with the long blonde hair". I identified with being a blonde.When I was about twenty-five I started to get highlights to make sure I would still be considered blonde. They cost about $150 every three months. Recently, I have come to a different place with my hair. When everyone around you is sick or dying, hair just isn't that important any more. Plus, I am broke and I can't justify spending that much money. The problem was I had no idea what my natural color was- Light brown? Medium brown? Dark brown? So, I did research on line, I poured over all of the boxes in the drug store. I brought my mom to the drugstore. I couldn't decide between two colors. One was a light brown with golden highlights (maybe too similar to what my current hair color was?) the other was a medium brown. I bought them both. After much hemming and hawing I decided on the lighter color because I figured I could always go darker. I took a deep breath and repeated " I will be a brunette". My mother put the color on for me. While she was doing it, I started to get excited because The dye was this purplish color and it made my hair dark, which in turn made my eyes stand out. I was liking it. I waited the 15 minutes, showered and waited for it to dry.The bathroom that I use in my mother's house is very dark, so I couldn't really see anything. I walked into her well lit living room, looked in the mirror and froze. My hair was..... BRIGHT RED. I had spent all of my mental energy preparing myself to be a brunette and now I was a RED HEAD. I took some pictures which I'd show you except that Blogger Sucks. I spent the next the next 24 hours preparing myself to be a red head. I even started to like it. A week and two shampoos later, it was GONE. It was supposed to last 28 shampoos. 28 shampoos, 2 shampoos. That's the same, right? The kicker? I used special color safe shampoo, to extend the life of the color. NO SHIT. Anyway, last night the mood struck me, and I tried the second box of haircolor. I am now officially a Brunette. I'm digging it. You can check out the pictures at

posted by Torrie at Wednesday, March 23, 2005 |


Commented by Blogger Snickrsnack Katie:

I totally empathize with you regarding the whole weird hair syndrome. I was always a platinum blonde as a kid - what they call a "tow head". That term always cracked me up. It made me think my head looked like a tow truck, or something. Anyway, as I got older, my hair became more dirty blonde, so at about 14 or 15 my mom started dying my hair. The weird thing is, I have always had these Brooke Shields eyebrows, and they are dark brown. My arm hair is really blonde, and "down there" is black. But not straight, thank God. I haven't dyed my hair in like two years and I am at my au-natural color. Blonde. Sort of dirty blonde, I guess. I have thought of going red, but I am too scared. I have always been the blonde girl. I need to get some balls and do it!

1:50 PM 
Commented by Blogger Spurious Plum:

You're so brave! I colored my hair for the first time a few months ago, when I got highlights. While thesalon folks were washing them out, a huge storm blew in, knocking out the power, and sending biblical floods of water through the middle of the salon. Lightening, thunder, the whole shebang.

Bad weather? Or divine sign not to monkey around with my fro? I went with the latter.

And now I have two-tone head.

But yours is pretty!

2:51 PM 
Commented by Anonymous giggles:

I've had that happen too! The color on the box was a nice golden brown, and I think the name of the color was along the same lines, but when I rinsed my hair and it dried, it was definitely red. What made it worse was that my friends wedding was in two weeks and I had to wear an eggplant colored bridesmaid dress - and my hair color didn't fade. Sorry to hear that you were disappointed.

11:35 AM 

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