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Monday, May 16, 2005

Tangent filled post

Right at this very moment I am not in pain. There have been several mornings where I thought for a moment that I might be better and then I take Dexter for a walk or try to put something in the dishwasher, and my back quickly reminds me "Ha ha fucker! I'm still here!" My doctor thinks it's a herniated disk. Of coure I went to the doctor on Friday and the earliest they could get me in for an MRI was Thursday. Ah, how I love our medical system. Speaking of our medical system, the husband finished his six weeks of the suckiest rotation ever last night. He started a new rotation today. He doesn't have to be at work until 9AM! We actually saw each other this morning. Face to face. Standing up. Not in bed. Miracles will never cease.

I went to a bachelorette party Friday night. I had a great time considering one of my vertebrae is not where it should be. I sang Faith by George Michael at Karaoke. I rocked the house. At the restaurant before the karaoke bar, I ran into a buch of seventeen year olds in the bathroom. One of them was peeing while I was waiting and she flung the stall door open and peed in front of me. Her friends were screaming at her and apologizing to me.
I said "It's ok. I'm old. I've seen a lot worse"
They said "How old are you?"
"I'll be twenty-nine in August"
They couldn't believe I was that "old". That my skin looked good.
I then basically stood in the bathroom of this restaurant and proceeded to lecture these girls about skin care. Telling them that I've been wearing SPF on my face every day since I was eighteen, even in the winter, that they should use self tanners, blah, blah, blah. I don't know what came over me. I guess watching someone you love fight stage four melanoma will do that to you.
They actually were really nice about it and even thanked me for my advice instead of yelling "fuck you grandma" which would have been completely acceptable considering I was lecturing them in the bathroom of some Italian restaurant while they were drunk.

Anyhoo, I am looking forward to actually spending time with my husband. Eating dinner together. Watching Jeopardy together. His brilliant Harvard/Harvard Medical School ass may get all of the regular Jeopardy questions, but I always get Final Jeopardy. And I will yell "feel the wrath mother fucker!"I love spending quality time together.

posted by Torrie at Monday, May 16, 2005 |


Commented by Blogger Southern Fried Girl:

I love me some Jeopardy. I am such a geek.

11:22 AM 
Commented by Blogger Random and Odd:

i love that you love spending time with your man. *hug* thank you for being in love with him still. it gives us grumpy people hope!

1:05 PM 
Commented by Blogger JessicaRabbit:

I hope they get your back fixed up lady! Thats just no good, and I must confess I love Jeopardy as well. I am a dork.

2:57 PM 
Commented by Blogger Snickrsnack Katie:

I am so glad you are getting the chance to spend more time with your hubby. And Jeopardy time is definitely quality time. I hate it because they don't air Jeopardy at night here like the rest of the damn world. I think it airs at like 3:00 pm or something heinous like that. So, alas, I can never watch Alex Trebek, one of the greatest hotties of all time. There's something about that moustache.

5:06 PM 
Commented by Blogger Cindy:

I'm sorry to hear about your pain - I hope Thursday comes soon so at least you'll know what's going on for sure.

Sounds like a fun party Friday night - those were the days...parties seem to be forever and a day apart nowadays.

Good for you to lecture the young'ns about SPF. It IS important.

Loved hearing that your man and you have more time together now. Love it! Good news is always great to hear!

Again, hang in there though!

5:07 PM 
Commented by Blogger Ern:

I'll back your ass up anytime you want to give a sunblock lesson. I like my face just the way it is, thank you very much--free from wrinkles and age spots, thank you very much. I'm not quite as old as you, "grandma" but even at 27 we have to take care of our skin! Now, if I could convince my husband that I don't need a "healthy" tan...

6:43 PM 
Commented by Anonymous lawbrat:

I hope the MRI goes well, and they can take care of what wrong without too much more pain.

Yeah for you and hubby. Its so nice to have an evening with the one you love!

10:11 PM 
Commented by Blogger Weetzie:

thursday hurry up...I hate having medical shit hanging over my head. As for lecturing the "girls" - you tell em! I am all for covering up and having the lily white skin! My sister keeps asking me to go get a tan with her and I keep telling her I don't want skin cancer! When I go to the beach this summer, I will be the one in the shade with the hat on. And btw, I am WAAAAAAY old. Goddam 48! Those girls woulda called me granny for sure!

9:09 AM 
Commented by Anonymous kalki:

My dad has had several herniated disks. I hope they get yours taken care of soon, hon, because that is NO FUN.

Enjoy your time with your man!

9:50 AM 
Commented by Blogger the niffer:

Good for you for giving the skin care lecture! And way to go on the 23! I hate it when people call me ma'am and I still feel like I'm 23 inside.

12:59 PM 
Commented by Blogger Annejelynn:

no one ever knows how old I am...and when they find out, their reactions lead me to believe '30' is old...but it's not, I tell ya! it's not! I'm young still! I am!

4:58 PM 

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