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Monday, June 27, 2005

A Tale of Two Torries

There are two of me and they are constantly battling against each other.

Torrie#1 is a hippie. She is a vegetarian, no leather wearing, animal rights activist, environmentally conscious, hippie.

Torrie#2 likes the finer things in life. She is also a vegetarian, but sometimes she is more concerned with what's nice, or what tastes good, or what feels better, or what looks good.

I eat about 90% organic, but sometimes I just want a Hostess cupcake.

I buy my shoes at places like Payless, because they carry non-leather shoes. Sometime I just want to buy a nice, comfortable pair of expensive shoes. If only they weren't made of animals.

I recycle like a mad man, but God do I love air conditioning.

I know that I shouldn't buy clothes that are made in sweat shops, but sometimes I just can't pass up the deals at Old Navy.

I drive a mid-sized sedan, but I really love the extra room in SUV's.

I wish I could not obsess over these things, but I am one of those people who HAS to do what I believe to be the right thing, otherwise I can't sleep at night.

Does anyone else feel torn in two directions?

posted by Torrie at Monday, June 27, 2005 |


Commented by Blogger Weetzie:

I also have serious environmental angst. I did lot of research when my boys were babies about diapers, cloth or paper and found out that the difference is negligible b/c when we wash all those diapers we use so much bleach, water etc that is a serious threat to the water supply (especially if everyone did it) and that the harm caused by paper diapers was about the same only in a different way (making them, and filling landfills etc.) I decided to go right down the middle and I still do with everything. I recycle as much as I can but don't worry if I can't sometimes and so on....seems fair to me. At least I am doing something which is more than a lot of people do ~which is nothing.

1:56 PM 
Commented by Blogger Snickrsnack Katie:

I SO feel you on this one, Torrie. I have aspects to myself that are very "hippie" - I actually used to dress like one, but now that I am in the corporate sector, flowing skirts and shirts made out of hemp don't exactly flow with the dress code. I really love to recycle, except Houston is horrible and there is no recycling plan. Where I used to live, you sorted the shit out, and they came and picked it up at your curb. Here I have to take it to a recycling center, which I have been lazy about, so I need to start doing it again. Also, while I am simple in many ways, I like nice things and have a tendency to over-shop. I am also a registered Republican, but that is really not me either, because I have many liberal ideas, i.e. gay marriage, the war in Iraq, etc., etc. I am even confused with myself.

2:28 PM 
Commented by Blogger Bucky Four-Eyes:

I feel torn in different directions inside myself all the time. I'm not in the mood to be more specific about that, but I do know from whence you write.

3:31 PM 
Commented by Blogger Fuzzball:

I'm always friend Jolene says that it's good because I "see both sides of everything" but I just find that I worry about life twice as much. Ah well :)

3:52 PM 
Commented by Anonymous Anonymous:

Too ironic. Just before I read this, I was thinking of writing about how I'm going to try and be less angry, more like the sweet person (haha) my husband met 3 years ago. So, yeah I'm torn all the time. I want to be the nice, go with the flow kind of person, but sometimes, ok most of the times, I can't. So, in a different way, I understand you completely!

4:37 PM 
Commented by Blogger Lasadh:

For me, I think it's less about being torn and more about being completely schitzophrenic or chameleon-like.

4:48 PM 
Commented by Blogger JessicaRabbit:

Um I think that is a redundant question for me to answer.

Says the stay at home baking stripper bisexual naked on the internet mom.

I think both sides of you are just lovely.

4:52 PM 
Commented by Anonymous lawbrat:

Torn in many ways. Its difficult to reconcile the two halves. I feel ya sister.

7:27 PM 
Commented by Anonymous Daphne:

I love the comments to this entry. I don't feel as torn anymore now that I have generally disowned my labels. Yet oh boy is that a half-truth. The worst for me is actually caring about the world vs sticking my head in the sand when the news is bad for the 1 millionth day in a row.

8:09 PM 
Commented by Blogger Annejelynn:

I was thrilled outta my mind when I found out Downy's lavendar and vanilla fabric softener is biodegradeable -even though Proctor & Gamble does animal testing...

8:42 PM 
Commented by Blogger Candace:


(and P&G doesn't test on animals any more)

10:05 PM 
Commented by Blogger Caroline:

I've always sort of felt like a chameleon too. A chameleon who loves cinnamon rolls.



11:00 PM 
Commented by Anonymous kalki:

I buy whole wheat everything but never exercise. I know exactly what you're talking about, hon.

11:49 PM 
Commented by Blogger Nilbo:

One the one hand, I'm torn. on the other, I'm ... wait a minute ...

I wouldn't feel angst about being swayed by different options in life. You're acting responsibly, thinking things through, and making informed choices. Consider how many people in this world don't do that ...

And I'm with Jess. The two of me adore both of you.

12:07 AM 
Commented by Blogger Andrea:

I'd like to be a vegetarian, but I like eating meat too much.

I might like to have another baby, but OH MY GOSH...I already feel overwhelmed with two, like my life will never get back to normal.

I want to live more simply, but I can't seem to stop being so materialistic and BUYING STUFF.

12:14 AM 
Commented by Blogger Cindy:

You're not alone with feeling torn. I have good aspirations but it's hard to follow through - and I feel guilty about it. You're definitely not alone in this...

6:03 PM 
Commented by Blogger J Bo:

Hi Torrie!

I do not think you are torn...I think you have balance.

I feel really torn with my weight...on one hand I feel like a thin person, but on the reality side of it, I'm not. I'm torn because the methods I used to lose weight in the past are not working now. And I don't even eat Hostess's Tofuti Cuties in my house. :)

12:13 AM 

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