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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Self Portrait Day- Changing Room

This is me in the changing room waiting to take my MRI yesterday. Notice the sexy hospital gown.

Want to hear something funny?

I have three bulging discs and one ruptured disc in my neck. And my spinal cord is being compressed. So, that now makes it TWO places where my spinal cord is being compressed and TWO ruptured discs.

Isn't that just hysterical.

I started my day off today with an EMG. This is where they stick needles into your muscles to test for nerve damage. The good news? No nerve damage- YET. The bad news? It was VERY painful and now it feels like I pulled a muscle in my calve.

In the afternoon, I had my THIRD spinal injection. This time it was in a different place (lower down).
Now, I know I like to exaggerate, but believe me when I tell you; It was the most pain I've ever experienced in my life. I was unbelievable. There is nothing like nerve pain. I would rather have given birth. And for all of you out there who are going to give me shit for that sentence; I said the same thing to my friend who has given birth to FOUR(large)CHILDREN, and who just had spinal fusion in her neck, and she agreed with me. Nerve pain is worse than child birth.

So I was on the table in the operating room and the pain was so intense that I burst into tears and I couldn't speak and my heart rate went up to 140 beats per minute.
And of course I had to stay still. And my husband was in the room. Family members are not usually allowed in the OR, but because he works for the hospital and because my doctor is super cool, they let him. It was awful for him to see me in the worst pain of my life pain and not be able to help.

The other awesome thing was that this woman who lives in my building who I don't know very well,is a resident and she was in the room watching.
So next time I see her in the elevator and she gives me the "I know I recognize you, but I can't figure out from where" look, I can say

"I'm the chick who was crying like a baby while you stared at my ass"

posted by Torrie at Thursday, July 14, 2005 |


Commented by Blogger Cindy:

I'm so sorry about your pain. I teared up just reading about how painful the spinal injection was and how your husband felt helpless.

I REALLY hope something good happens for you soon - but, hey - now you know why you've been pain and that something can be done.

Lots of luck to you!

8:17 PM 
Commented by Blogger Amy:

Man, Torrie, that all sounds just awful!

I have a friend who has gotten spinal injections and you are right, according to her it is pain so bad it can bring on an anxiety attack. Hope you are resting as comfortably as possible tonight.

9:01 PM 
Commented by Blogger Annejelynn:

(apply Austin Powers drawl)


keep thinking "takin' steps in the right direction," towards 'less pain' existence

9:32 PM 
Commented by Blogger mrtl:

Is it really necessary for you to feel the pain while they're doing this? It sounds so sadistic of them. If it's worse than childbirth, you should demand an epidural. And before the epidural, demand some valium.

9:40 PM 
Commented by Blogger dashababy:

I am sorry for your pain. Hopefully, you wont have to go thru that again. At least you know now why you hurt so bad. Not much consolation but at youre doing something about it. I woulda bawled like a baby too Im sure. I bet your neighbor resident sees people cry like that all the time. On a more positive note, at least you have good hair. :-)

11:04 PM 
Commented by Anonymous kalki:

Torrie, so what are they going to do about the bulging and ruptured discs?

11:24 PM 
Commented by Blogger Closet Metro:

I think I had sympathetic thoughts, but then you said something about staring at your ass, and I completely lost my train of thought.

11:43 PM 
Commented by Blogger Candace:

You need some chocolate. And a trashy magazine. Oh, and a cute cabana boy to bring you things.

12:19 AM 
Commented by Blogger Circus Kelli:

Oh, you TOTALLY have to go with Misfit's ideas. If you were closer, I would bring you chocolate and a trashy magazine, but you'd have to find the cabana boy on your own. :)

Torrie, now that they know what is going on, what is the plan to lessening/eliminating your pain?

I'll be thinking good thoughts for you, doll.

9:28 AM 
Commented by Anonymous Laryssa:

I think you and my sister shold form your own support group. You are living the same medical hell. It's uncanny! I mean, to know one person who has that kind of constellation of spinal and neck problems is one thing, but two? With the same things? That's just weird. Clearly you guys are meant to meet! I'll have to arrange that one of these days. At least then the both of you will know that you are not alone. That has to help a little, right?

9:46 AM 
Commented by Blogger Pissy Britches:

Holy hell. That is awful! I hope that you feel better girl. That just fucking sucks.

9:58 AM 
Commented by Blogger ieatcrayonz:

I'm with Mrtl. Were they all out of local anesthetic or happy pills?

Okay, so I'm sure they would've given it to you if it was possible, but going through the worst pain in your life seems so unnecessary. I feel for you girl. I don't deal with pain well at all.

10:18 AM 
Commented by Blogger Nilbo:

"I'm the chick who was crying like a baby while you stared at my ass"

Man, if I had a dollar for every woman who's said that to me, I'd be able to fly to New York and volunteer for that cabana boy job posted above.

I'm going to assume your anaesthetist husband, who was in the same room, made sure everything possible was done to mitigate your pain ... but the truth of it is, some shit hurts, and then it doesn't and you talk about it later. I'm sorry you had to go through the first part, but glad we're into the "talk about it later" part ...

Now, when do we get to the part where I'm a cabana boy bringing you chocolates, reading you trashy magazines, and staring at your ass? Just promise me you won't cry.

11:23 AM 
Commented by Blogger Torrie:

Just to clear a few things up:

They gave me a local anesthetic, but for some reason it didn't work.

No decision has been made about what to do, yet.
I have an appt. with a neurologist and a "phone conference" with the spinal surgeon on Monday.

After the procedure yesterday, I came home, took a codeine, read "US Weekly", and ate a handful of chocolate chips. The husband, of course, was not home last night, so I missed out on having a cabana boy.

Nilbo, when can you get on a plane?

12:33 PM 
Commented by Blogger JessicaRabbit:

oh baby I am so sorry, I have alot of nerve pain in my hand/wrist and arm, I know what your taking about and it is the worst pain ever in the history of pain. and those damn emg tests are evil evil evil. I hope you feel better soon you poor girl, you deserve to be spoiled.

1:38 PM 
Commented by Blogger Ingrid:

ugh. I've had an EMG, and spinal shots for DDD in my neck and lower back (i had fusion for scoliosis in 87) so I hear you . Hope things get better, or that at least you find a cabana boy.

6:40 PM 
Commented by Blogger song:

oooowch. I heart you, Torrie, and I will make you a mix cd coz I can't send a cabana boy all the way from over here. (send me your post address darl)

At least things are starting to move along for you getting something done about it all now.

PS: You can hate me if you want but I have never listened to NKOTB

12:12 PM 
Commented by Blogger song:

by the way, did anyone else see the ad for something called a 'sacro wedgy'??? scary.

12:13 PM 

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