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Thursday, August 11, 2005

A few things...

First of all I would like to warn you that I will be away for a week starting this Saturday. I am giving you warning lest someone freaks out. The husband and I are visiting my mom in the Poconos. We will be doing a whole lot of nothing. She does have internet access, but it's dial-up, so no late night chat sessions.

A couple of days ago I went to Loehmann's with a friend. It's one of those stores that sells designer clothes for less. I think the idea is that they get the stuff that isn't selling, because 95% of the clothing is UGLY. Half the fun of going to these types of stores is making fun of the clothes.
Case in point:

This was an outfit we put together. It was a lime green prom dress made out of some horrible fabric. I don't even know what is was, but it was worse than polyester. If someone actually wore this dress on prom night no boys would want to rub against them for fear of chafing. And isn't that what the prom is all about? Rubbing against each other?
Anyway, it had some sort of lattice pattern on it and some knockoff rhinestones. I didn't know that you could knock off rhinestones, but whomever manufactured this dress accomplished it.
The best part about the dress is that it succeeds in making me look about 60 pounds heavier than I really am. Lindsay Lohan would have looked fat in this dress. Exactly what every high school girl is looking for in her prom dress.
We then noticed the lovely fluorescent green jacket made of feathers, and we thought it really pulled the whole ensemble together. I happened to look at the price tag on the jacket. It was originally $300, reduced to $90. BARGAIN!
We forgot to look at the price tag on the dress. I'm sure it was a steal.
We kept repeating to each other "I can't believe people actually BUY these things!"

Lastly, I would like to wish a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jessica Rabbit.

Thank you for being such a great friend. You are always there to listen to me complain, and you always give me good advice. I admire your confidence and bravery, and I strive to be more like you. Anyone who has you in their life is lucky, especially your children.



posted by Torrie at Thursday, August 11, 2005 |


Commented by Blogger Weetzie:

STUNNING lime green prom dress! :)
Have fun in the Poconos!

12:55 PM 
Commented by Blogger Random and Odd:

Smashing. You make lime green pretty!!


1. drive careful.
2. love to dr. torrie for keeping you safe.
3. dexter kisses.
4. take lots of pictures.
5. postcard for kristine.

2:02 PM 
Commented by Blogger Charlotte in Pa:

I'm making a list, just because Kristine did. Don't we all want to be just like Kristine?

1) I can't believe you are coming to the Poconos - where I have been working ALL FUCKING SUMMER - the day after I leave for Arizona. Bad form!
2) That dress is hysterical. My friends and I are thinking about throwing an 80s prom to raise money for charity. I hope it really happens - I look fab in taffeta!
3) When we were in Vegas, we went to the Liberace museum. (What? We were in VEGAS - it was the thing to do!) Anyway, they have on display the largest rhinestone ever made which was given to Liberace by the company that covered all of his costumes. Don't you feel better knowing that?

I hope that you have a great vacation!

2:08 PM 
Commented by Blogger JessicaRabbit:

Aww lady thank you so much. I will miss you while your gone, I hope you have a super great time.

That dress, um. no. Maybe just the jacket, no dress. Yes, that would be a good look. Take the dress off RIGHT NOW. hehehehe.

Thank you lady, I am so lucky to have a great friend like you!


2:10 PM 
Commented by Blogger Southern Fried Girl:

It's just cause I miss your posts. :)

Have a great time.

4:17 PM 
Commented by Anonymous kalki:

That outfit is TOO FUNNY! And yet you still look adorable - how do you do that? Enjoy your week.

6:04 PM 
Commented by Blogger Susie:

Have a good, safe time, Torrie. You are great in that lime ensemble. It makes me smile. You should just buy it, wear it, but not rub anyone.

6:19 PM 
Commented by Blogger Fuzzball:


Why do you leave me? ;)

6:56 PM 
Commented by Blogger Bucky Four-Eyes:

You WILL post from the road. You WILL!

I'll miss you, girl, but at least I have this lingering image of you in electric lime to carry me through...

You guys have a rockin' good time!

6:57 PM 
Commented by Blogger mrtl:

So we get to look at this horrendous get up for the next week? Say it isn't so!

Have a wonderful time!

7:20 PM 
Commented by Blogger Diana:

Have to say, I'm LOVE lime green, but seriously - that is a hideous emsemble you put together there. ;)

Your week away sounds wonderful. We all need to do more of that.
We're actually planning a trip in October to VT and NH - taking my two little doggies.... going to Dog Chapel (artist Stephen Huneck's place in St Johnsbury VT to leave a remembrance of my big man, Max, who just parted from us.

If you posted it, I missed it - but I assume you're feeling better!

Look forward to your return. :)


11:38 PM 
Commented by Anonymous lawbrat:

Yea! Notice. Have a great time and enjoy your break.
Please make that green thing go away...

9:38 AM 
Commented by Blogger Bucky Four-Eyes:

I simply cannot stop comin' back here to stare at the green outfit. It's strangely hypnotic, yet vertigo-causing...

12:26 PM 
Commented by Blogger Annejelynn:

"case in point" - I LOVE IT! SCREAMIN' LAUGHING! I love to do this very same thing - go check out ugly hideous designer clothing on sale because it's UGLY! lovely, my dear! goooorr-juss!

Have fun w/ yer mum and the dial-up!

3:04 PM 

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