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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

So sick. Food Poisoning? Stomach bug?
Pooping blood.
Might have to go to the hospital.

posted by Torrie at Tuesday, August 02, 2005 |


Commented by Blogger Southern Fried Girl:

Oh goodness - keep us posted.

10:49 AM 
Commented by Blogger Greenthumb:

WTF??? Don't you live with a Doctor? Shouldn't you already be at the hospital with that?

Feel better baby girl...but get it checked out.XO

11:25 AM 
Commented by Blogger Nilbo:

"Might" my ass (or yours) ...

Get thee to a physician, forthwith ... and let us know how you are doing ...

12:15 PM 
Commented by Blogger Bucky Four-Eyes:

Dear sweet gawd, girl, GO TO THE DOCTOR!

2:40 PM 
Commented by Blogger Random and Odd:


Get him to fix this!

2:46 PM 
Commented by Anonymous Amanda B.:

Yes. Go to doctor please. Asap.

Feel better sweetpea. :(

2:47 PM 
Commented by Blogger Lasadh:


I suggest calling your doc first and explain what's happening. If you can avoid spending a few hours in the ER waiting room and the subsequent anal probe, I think it's worth it to call and ask for advice first.

I only say this because I recently spent a very miserable night in a very miserable Brooklyn ER with a friend who was having lots of diarrhea and blood and the doc just told her to wait it out and let her body rid itself of the badness and essentially fix itself. Ugh.

I hope you feel better soon, whatever you decide to do.

3:35 PM 
Commented by Blogger Annejelynn:

quickly moved from EWWWW to OH NO! to I hope you get better really quick!

4:13 PM 
Commented by Blogger Ern:

Could be hemorrhoids?

6:03 PM 
Commented by Blogger mrtl:

Egads, Torrie! Get better!

6:25 PM 
Commented by Blogger Caroline:

I hope you got to a doctor! Feel better :(

6:38 PM 
Commented by Blogger Candace:

Goes without saying:

Keep us all in the loop, alright?

Get fixed already.

7:54 PM 
Commented by Blogger Diana:

Feel better Torrie!
So sorry to hear about this latest problem.
Have been checking in to see how things are going.... hope they start going uphill Soon!
Let us know how you are.
Will be thinking about you and sending good vibes.


9:49 PM 
Commented by Blogger Circus Kelli:

Oh no, Torrie!

I hope you are feeling much better by now, or at least they know what caused that.

Oh, and remind me never to eat lunch and read blogs at the same time again... ewwww.

11:07 AM 

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