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Sunday, August 21, 2005

A week of ups and downs

Click here to see a slideshow of pictures I took while in the Poconos.

Being at my mom's house in the country was very relaxing, but two days into my week long vacation I found out that someone's tumors grew 35 percent in the past eight weeks. So, I never really got to relax.
Then we came home on Friday because I had to make a wedding cake. Driving the cake to the reception hall yesterday was so stressful, I think I shaved a good five years off of my life. The cake started cracking. It was a nightmare. I went back today to put the flowers on it. I did my best to cover the cracks, but I'm a perfectionist, and I'm not happy.
I'm going to go take a long nap, and then I'm going to get drunk and see The 40 Year Old Virgin tonight.

posted by Torrie at Sunday, August 21, 2005 |


Commented by Blogger JessicaRabbit:

Hey we have the exact same plans for the night! Rock! This means that there will be one person I can talk about the movie with and not be wrecking it for anyone. woohooo!!!

4:04 PM 
Commented by Blogger Southern Fried Girl:

Let us know how the movie is because I had not planned to see it but the more trailers I see for it, I am starting to think I might have to go see.

Red Eye rocked -I highly recommend.

4:05 PM 
Commented by Blogger Candace:

That's a hell of a nose there.

4:14 PM 
Commented by Blogger Bente:

That is the friggin' cutest picture I have ever seen of a deer.

8:23 PM 
Commented by Blogger Nilbo:

I LOVE that pic .. although describing it as "cute" kinda escapes me. Unless it comes under the heading "So Ugly That It's Cute ..."

12:30 PM 
Commented by Anonymous kalki:

Great pics, Torrie! That deer one was my favorite, too, but I also really liked the first Scrabble one and the stump.

1:03 PM 
Commented by Anonymous honestyrain:

i saw 40 year old virgin last night! with my sister in law. it was so funny! did you like it?

2:00 PM 
Commented by Blogger Torrie:

I was laughing so hard I was crying.

2:11 PM 
Commented by Blogger Bucky Four-Eyes:

that nose...I'm nearly speechless...
That is an EXCELLENT shot!

4:21 PM 
Commented by Blogger SoozieQ:

That is a FANTASTIC picture! They're all great but this "nose" one is so incredible!

6:47 PM 
Commented by Anonymous Amanda B.:

I love, love, love that deer.

1:34 AM 

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