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Wednesday, September 28, 2005


I need help.

5 weeks ago my friend bought me

As you've noticed I'm still not using it.

I have no idea how to set up a website or make a masthead.

Both Kristine and Bucky have given me some great help, but they're both too busy to devote the time it will take to set up the ENTIRE website.

I tried to put my Flickr badge on the new website, and I couldn't even figure that out.

Does anybody want to help me?

I can't offer much in return except my undying gratitude and maybe some baked goods.

Blogger is killing me.
Please help.

posted by Torrie at Wednesday, September 28, 2005 |


Commented by Anonymous honestyrain:

i wish i could offer real useable help. but i don't know much at all. but if you want to ask me any questions feel free. i do know a very little and may be able to at least help you get going.

honestyrain at honestyrain dot com if you like.

7:29 PM 
Commented by Anonymous Amanda B.:

I'll help you all I can. Friday I'll have a lot of free time, if you want to get online and chat I can talk you through some of the nasty details. :D

12:29 AM 
Commented by Blogger Ern:

I have NO idea how to help you, but I think that in the meantime you can set up your blogger page so it is hosted on your new site. (So when I type in, it will look the same as it does now at the blogspot address.) I'm not sure exactly how to do this, but if you play around in your dashboard you might be able to figure it out. Good luck!

3:44 AM 
Commented by Blogger ScottyGee:

I'd try doing a "View - Source" in your browser and then copying all your code onto the new server and starting from that. Then you can mess around with the code a little and make whatever changes you want to. It might work, not sure.

7:40 AM 
Commented by Blogger Southern Fried Girl:

I am a complete moron, but I hope it works out for ya. I am sure it will look great when it's all done.

9:53 AM 
Commented by Blogger Ern:

TAG! You're it! The rules are over on my blog. :)

1:20 PM 
Commented by Blogger Annejelynn:

waht? Ern beat me to you? she tagged me and I didn't see she tagged YOU too (hitting myself in the head) well der!

That wasn't what I was going to write though... my honey-man bought for me last week and intends to determine how to get my blog up when he gets some time. I'll let you know, okay? Hope you feel better soon, despite a busy hubby, a sad puppy, a cashmere eating kitty and a BAHHD BAD back! hang in there - despite the horrible cliche that it is, things could always be worse.

4:15 AM 
Commented by Blogger Patty:

Typepad, typepad, typepad. (And then eventually, when you get the hang of it on your own, Moveable Type, Moveable Type, Moveable Type.) :)

10:16 AM 

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