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Friday, September 09, 2005

When blogs collide

I'm still trying to recover from yesterday.
First, I met Sherri in Central park for a picnic.

There was no awkwardness. We immediately fell into conversation like two old friends.
Poor Sherri. I did not stop talking for 5 hours.
Today my throat is sore.
We have so many things in common that it's a little scary.

Just when I thought I couldn't like her any more she busted out yummy brownies.

Even the squirrels liked them.

Somewhere in Central Park there is a Squirrel who hasn't slept all night because he's been running around on a sugar high.

I enjoyed my time with Sherri so much that I had to force myself to shut up and walk away from her because I was already late for the Katrina fundraiser.

I ran home, walked Dexter, ate a bowl of cereal for dinner, changed and hopped in a cab.

I had heard about this fundraiser from Heather who I have emailed with, but never met in person. Until last night.

She was a sweetheart, which I expected, but what I didn't expect was how normal she was considering what a big internet celebrity she is.
And, I don't mean normal in a bad, boring way, I mean normal as in down to earth, friendly, and kind.
She even let me share her spinach artichoke dip.
Heather also has a great group of friends which I think is a reflection on her.

Part of the fundraiser was a raffle. A bunch of companies, including MTV donated things to be raffled off.

Heather won twice.

Heather's Booty

I, of course, did not win anything.

My feet are covered in blisters (Heather tricked me into walking several blocks in my high heels)but it was a great day. I met a lot of great people, I ate brownies,and money was raised for Katrina victims.
I'm getting a Swedish massage in a couple of hours(another great birthday present).

What more could you ask for?

posted by Torrie at Friday, September 09, 2005 |


Commented by Blogger Will:

Hello. Just popped over from Sheri's blog. Very cool that you had such a wonderful time.

I must say that I'm glad you posted those snapshots. I'm not sure quite why or when, but when I clicked on your flickr link, I realized that I'd looked through your photos before at some point. I liked them well enough, but I must admit that the personality projected through the self portraits was a bit intimidating in sort of a confident, powerful feminine mystique sort of way.

I'm glad for the chance to see your smile picture. Quite lovely. I mean I enjoy the artsy photos well enough, but if pressed I have to say your smile picture trumps them all.

Very nice to meet you.

3:01 PM 
Commented by Blogger Nessa:

you are absolutely beautiful! And how cool that you met 2 bloggers in one day!

3:37 PM 
Commented by Blogger Bucky Four-Eyes:

Oh, ja, you got de Svedish massage, mork mork mork! Helga did not break you, ja?

You had a duofecta of blogger meetings today! I know that's not a word, but it wasn't really a trifecta, and the only other phrase I could think of was "double header" and, well, some people might take that, you know, the wrong way.

8:26 PM 
Commented by Blogger mrtl:

mmmm... brownies!

Cheers to new friends!

12:58 PM 
Commented by Blogger afdalieuroiuf:

this fish seems awesome...yer so lucky. glad you had a wonderful day, and thanks from those of us down here for contributing. wish i coulda been there with you grrrls!!! :)

6:36 PM 
Commented by Blogger Squirl:

Squirls like brownies.

7:08 PM 
Commented by Blogger Caroline:

AH THOSE BROWNIES LOOK SO GOOD. Diet ... over ... need ... suuuuugar...

Also, workin the clevage girl, you look good!

4:27 PM 
Commented by Blogger JessicaRabbit:

I am jealous, and not about the baked goods.

3:25 AM 
Commented by Anonymous kalki:

You and Sherri are so cute together! I am so incredibly jealous.

9:59 AM 

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